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About Our Bakery

Our bread blends old-world and Midwestern grain techniques.

Our quality approach is simple: quality outputs yield good ingredients & processes. If you open it, stuff it, or roll it, you can see the consistency in Cedars Pita. Baked at the optimal temperature, the bread is sufficiently cooled through a mile-long conveyer belt to avoid sticking. You will taste the bread consistency and enjoy the health benefits realizing that all of our bread is made from fresh, organic and non-GMO products.

All our baked goods are made fresh every day and we are very proud to use only the freshest ingredients.

Satisfy The Taste Buds with Tortilla Bread by Shradha Bakery.

Each loaf we promise will satisfy the taste buds of your customers and keep them going for more.

At Shradha Bakery we stick to the old-fashioned way of making bread. While times have changed since deliveries were made via horse-drawn carriage, we still lovingly deliver every loaf of bread. Our team also uses our precious recipes for flavoring the finest buns and bread. And we're getting them to you efficiently so you'll never have to make customers wait.

We appeal to your need for fresh bread, rolls, and other baked goods, irrespective of your ingredients list. Our bakery skills and bakery passion render every product with pride.

You should know that every aspect of our food–from fine ingredients to the traditional preparation rituals–is authentic. All of our technology is a quality-focused. Thanks to our advanced technology, each step in the production process is streamlined and we can produce high-quality, large-scale goods.

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